Unbelief Is An Action

Unbelief is not merely the passive opposite of belief. Unbelief is the active antitheses of faith.

Professor Charles Finney, in his lecture titled Unbelief, May 6, 1840 writes, “Faith is a felt, conscious, practical confidence in the character, providence, and word of God; a conscious assurance that what God has said shall come to pass; such an inward and felt assurance, and hearty and joyful embracing of the truth, as to produce corresponding feeling and action, and to exclude doubt. Unbelief then is a real withholding of this inward, felt, conscious assurance or confidence–a state of mind that leaves the conduct uninfluenced by the truths of God–such a withholding of confidence as to leave both body and soul under the influence of error, to pursue a course as if the truths of God were not true.”

In short, unbelief is a conscious, willful occurrence.  And if unbelief is active in a person’s heart there can be no room for faith.  I ask God for His intervention in overcoming unbelief.  We are each given a measure of faith.  If I work to grow that faith it can only displace unbelief.

Having faith in our faith, though, tends to lead to more unbelief because faith in and of itself can not provide.  I choose to have faith in God and His Word.

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