Waiting On You, Lord

I willed to build an empire.  I willed to go my way and do my “thing.”  I willed to pursue money and to enjoy the pleasures that money could buy.  Reckoning came on the heels of discovering You again in a small church building in Chesapeake through a pastor who truly cares about Your people.  As the empire I had set out to build was collapsing around me I looked to You and You provided.  Every step of the way You provided.  You gave us shelter then You gave us a home.  You gave us a car.  You have provided more than enough daily for all our needs.  Every day I have witnessed and borne witness to Your goodness, your provision, your Mercy and your Grace.

You have given me clear vision for my life in Your service.  As I have learned, you provide.  This day You have spoken clearly to me through Your Word in 1 Kings 17 because You have set me at the brook Cherith and have caused me to receive Your provision there.  You have commanded me to wait there and receive Your provision daily as I wait.

You have not broken my will.  Rather you have taught me to submit my will to You.  Lord, I submit my will to You.  I submit my plans to you.  I seek Your face and I seek Your Will.  As I have prayed, “Here am I, Lord, send me” you have heard.

I remain here by the brook Cherith until the time comes when You command me.

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