In the spring of 1999 while I was walking on 14th street to the oceanfront I noticed a blueish flowering vine on a bush in the front yard of a house.  I moved to get a closer look and was overwhelmed with the aroma of those flowers.  I was immediately aware of God in this new discovery. My friend with me told me that it was wisteria and that it grows like weeds.  And in fact it is considered a weed or pest plant.  All I knew was this; the color and aroma were among the most exquisitely beautiful things I had ever experienced.  The thought of how I had never seen (or noticed) wisteria before brought tears to my eyes; tears of joy.  I heard God speak to me for the first time that day.  He told me he had hidden this beauty from me for such a time as this so I would recognize Him in it.

We walked on. Two house later I looked between the houses to see a 60′ tall pine tree absolutely covered with wisteria from the ground to the top.  Only God could have kept me from seeing and smelling such an incredibly beautiful piece of His artwork for so long.

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