I’m Beginning To See The Light!

By His stripes I am healed. My words are not my words; I speak only the Words of God. My faith is strong because I believe that which Jesus spoke saying I will do all the things He did and even greater things will I do because He went to the Father and sent us His Holy Spirit. No one can tell me that I must do anything more than speak His Word in faith and do His will. I need nothing more. I do not need machines, lasers, drugs, readings, or being “touched” or struck on my forehead. I have passionate Faith and I know that the Miracle Power of God is always present. In Him I can walk on water. In Him I receive miracle provision. In Him I speak to physical mountains and command them to be cast into the sea. In Him I expect supernatural favor from men. In Him all of my needs are supplied and I am free to do His will and work.

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