We “Fear” What We Focus On

Or, we focus on what we fear…? Consider also, what your definition of fear is. Webster’s Dictionary gives as one definition: “to have a reverential awe of.” If one is afraid of the dark, that is all he can think about when he finds himself surrounded by darkness. To what are you giving control of our thoughts.

Fear your problems or fear God who eliminates those problems as you seek Him and His Righteousness.

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  1. I think my “God Fear” is an adoration fear, making it more similar to the fear of disappointing him, or letting him down as we all inevitably do. It breaks my heart knowing when I do it, because there isn’t a moment that Abba isn’t sitting with me…I wince at the thought of him shaking his head in sadness for the mistakes I make. I rest easy though, because I know that he is especially fond of me 🙂 I fear God…And because I do, I am always thinking of him…and that is a fear worth living with.

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