The Walk Of Faith

There is no power without the agreement of our own trinity (Spirit, Mind and Body). The mind is transformed by the Word (meditation and anointed teaching) while paying keen attention to the unctions of our spirit who is in communication with the very Spirit of God. The transformed, believing mind directs the body to perform those great works we have been sent to earth to do, with Jesus as our example. This is the Walk of Faith. – Bob Bergman

The Whole Elephant

1 Timothy 6:6-8 (paraphrased) “If you have bread on your table and shoes on your feet it is enough.” Enough for what? Have I only to filter oxygen from the air to provide carbon dioxide to the trees?

That interpretation of this passage is not Biblical. It’s only a small piece of the whole Word. 1 Timothy is a letter Paul wrote to his younger colleague Timothy regarding his ministry in Ephesus. It exhorts him and the church leaders to be content in their service to God.

Deuteronomy 8:18 – “You shall remember the Lord your God; For it is He that gives you the power to create wealth so that He may establish His covenant in the earth.” Wealth for selfish personal gain is worldly… At _any_ level, even to the providing only for one’s own table.

Pray. Seek God on this. The missing element is this: Responsibility. I am brother’s keeper. To follow Jesus is to recognize that, in the example He set He never once did anything for himself.

Know this; In Christ there is no condemnation. He has given us Grace. This requires studying His word, getting around Godly men and submitting to the counsel of His word through their witness _and_ His revelation.

Submit to the counsel of His word. Listen and do. This is between you and Him. Study Gideon. Pray to understand why the Angel of the Lord called him a “mighty man of valor” at the time and place were He found him.

Are you agreeing with God or are you agreeing with your own feelings?

Micah 6:8 “The Lord has shown you what is good, O man. So, then what does The Lord require from you but to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” The verb “To DO” is emphasized here. Consider your responsibility in raising your children. Now apply that joy and responsibility to everything He gives you to do. Would you give your life for your children?

How? The Holy Ghost!

Under the Old Testament we know the Holy Spirit often came upon men as a divine Spirit of revelation to reveal the mysteries of God. But, He did not dwell in them, then. Now, many just want the Old Testament gift of power for work. But, they know very little of the New Testament gift of the indwelling Spirit, animating and renewing the whole life. When God gives the Holy Spirit, His great object is the formation of a holy character. It is a gift of a holy mind and spiritual disposition, and we need, above everything else, to say; “I must have the Holy Spirit sanctifying my whole inner life if I am really to live for God’s glory.”

Quoted from Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray

We “Fear” What We Focus On

Or, we focus on what we fear…? Consider also, what your definition of fear is. Webster’s Dictionary gives as one definition: “to have a reverential awe of.” If one is afraid of the dark, that is all he can think about when he finds himself surrounded by darkness. To what are you giving control of our thoughts.

Fear your problems or fear God who eliminates those problems as you seek Him and His Righteousness.